Installing XtendedFR Xchange App for Android

Step 1

Scan the QR code with your phone in order to visit the Xchange client portal for Xtended Financial Resources


Manually visit the portal website address with a browser on your phone at

QR Code for Xtended Financial Resources Client Portal

Step 2

When you click the QR code it will take you to the log in screen of the client portal.

Click the "Install this app" button on the login screen.

install app on android home screen

Step 3

You will be presented with a dialogue box asking if you want to add the app to your phone.

Click on the "Add" link.

Depending upon how you have your phone configured, the app may be added alphabetically, or at the end of all your apps, or even to the home screen of you phone if there is room.

install app on android add screen

Step 4

You can see that the app icon has been added to the phone.

To launch the app, just click the icon like any other app on your phone.

app added to phone

Step 5

When you launch the app, you will briefly see the "splash" screen, followed by the login screen.

Using your email and password assigned when you signed up fill in the blanks in the lgoin screen.

You can put a check in the "keep me logged in" checkbox to allow your phone to remain logged in for the maximum amount of login time allowed.  Likely you won't have to 're-login' the next time you use the app.

The mobile app gives you all the capabilities of the desktop app, conveniently accessed on your phone.

You may add the mobile app to as many devices as you wish.


Splash Screen

xtended fr app spalsh screen

Login Screen

client portal app login screen