Our Mission: To Help Your Business Xcel

Our goal is to give small businesses and startups the same trusted, effective financial resources and management that big companies have, at a fraction of the cost. We are an Xtended arm of your company—an experienced accounting and finance department at the ready, so you can focus on building your business.

Too often, finance departments are viewed as a necessary evil; but the reality is, if properly staffed, it is a profit generator. Even though good financial management is vital to the success of small businesses, few startups can afford to hire the various levels of expertise they need. As your Xtended finance department, we offer essential accounting services, budget analysis, forecast modeling, KPI analytics, and more on a customized basis at an affordable cost. Together, we will put your company in position to increase profits, improve cash flows and propel growth.

We are Your X-factor in Finance Departments.

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